Apple, perhaps, most loved brand among old and young customers never lags behind in innovations. Proof to this is devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod which are huge success. Apple knows how much important it is to give something unique to its customers.  Privacy and effective communications are something everyone wishes to have. To make your communications faster, better and personal Apple has with App called ‘iMessage’ a smart messenger. It works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch  running iOS 5 or higher and Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later.


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A loyal messenger like iMessage can save lots of your money on data uses as you can do unlimited chat with people who uses iMessage in your list of phone and email contacts.

iMessage comes with Rapid Message status; when you send a message it shows D for delivered and R for read which means once you send a message, no need to worry if its delivered to your contact or read by your contact or not. For messaging, iMessage uses same internet connection to which your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or Mac  is connected.

You can keep iMessage On or Off as you wish, when a message arrives in your iMessage, a notification appears on screen like ‘UsernameeX’ trying to contact you and short message preview. This notification does not cost you anything.

iMessage is great for both SMS i.e. text messaging and MMS i.e media messaging.

Manage Chat Logs is one of the beautiful features iMessage has you can utilize to email Chat logs to a friend.  The iMessage comes with following capabilities-

  • Bypass of login screen; no more long waits for loading
  • Opening iMessage without data connection
  • Great for viewing logs
  • Improved sending/receiving MMS
  • Push MMS support
  • Voice message support
  • Finger drawing support
  • Manage Chat Logs
  • Load prior messages
  • Email chat logs
  • Share via WiFi

iMessage is your loyal friend to keep you connected to your friends, family and work group round the clock.